Line Card

Proud Partner to Utility and Industrial Customers Since 1981

Distribution Transformers:

Single and Three Phase Padmount and Polemount Transformers.
New, Remanufactured (Copper Windings), Reconditioned, and Quick Ship.
1 Phase Pole Mounts Up to 1000 KVA
1 Phase Pad Mounts Up to 500 KVA
3 Phase Pad Mounts Up to 5000 KVA

Substation Transformers:

Single and Three Phase Primary and Unit Substation Transformers.
Primary, Unit, and Step-Up Applications.
New, Remanufactured, Reconditioned, and Quick Ship.
All sizes and voltages up to 69kV
New Installation and Retrofit.


Single Phase and Three Phase OCRs.
Hydraulic, Vacuum, Electronic, Encapsulated.
Single Phase: H, 4H, L, E E-F2, V4H, V4L, V4E.
Three Phase: 3H, 6H, V6H, W, WE, VWE, VWVE, WVE, VW, VWV.
Encapsulated: Eaton (Cooper) NOVA, NOVA TS, (Triple Single), G&W Viper.
Control Upgrades/Repair: Schweitzer (SEL), Beckwith, Cooper (Eaton), ICMI.

Voltage Regulators:

Manufacturers: Siemens, Eaton (Cooper), GE, Howard, .
All sizes and Voltages.
Control Upgrades/Repair: Schweitzer (SEL), Beckwith, Cooper, Siemens.

Field Services

On-Site Testing, Preventative Maintenance, Commissioning, and OEM warranty.
Bushing / Gasket / Accessory Replacement.
Repair of Leaks and Retrofills.
DGA and PCB Oil Analysis.

Dry Types

New, Remanufactured, Reconditioned, and Quick Ship.
All sizes, Voltages, and NEMA rating.

Recycling Services

Purchase of Surplus and Salvage Transformers and Electrical Equipment.
PCB Testing and Disposal.
Transportation Services.

Specialty Equipment

Pad Mounted Switchgear
Specialty Transformer Repair (Arc Furnace, Rectifier, OEM)